2 Easy Steps to Setting Tangible Goals that Excite You

It is often that we picture ourselves richer, fitter, or smarter only to fall short of accomplishing these goals.

I set hundreds of goals for myself each year, big and small. Although I don’t reach them all, it’s the process of setting them that gives me a better vision of who I am, and it’s the process of meeting them that shines a light on my true character.

1. First, do something intangible: Visualize

This first step is pretty cheesy, but it works.

Picture yourself 1, 5, or 10 years from now (whichever time frame suits you best) and imagine your most amazing self at that time. Now, consider the changes in your life that you’ll need to make to get yourself there.

Sometimes I like to picture myself leading a healthier lifestyle complete with increased exercise and toned abs (Oh, how I wish!), or feeling more secure about finances, emotions, or relationships.

Other times I would ideally like myself to have learned a new skill like programming or better writing techniques.

The goal here is to pick aspects of your ideal self that make you excited about the outcome and the process.

We can’t forget that the process is what’s going to bring us through to the end, the final achievement of the goal. If you’re not crazy about the process of achieving your goal, then it’ll be difficult to continue when the demands of reaching your goal get tough.

Once we have a general roadmap to your goals, and we know they represent your favorite you, we’re ready to transfer them to a concrete form.

2. Then, package it right: Present your goals in a sexy format

Don’t just write down your goals on a scraggly piece of college-ruled notebook paper.

Find a way to make them call out to you with their awesomeness.

A few examples would be to:

  1. Write your goals in bubble letters and proceed to color them in with rainbow markers.
  2. Or, create a sleek binder equipped with plastic shields and your goals neatly typed up. (High five for superb organizational skills!)

Sometimes relaying the information to yourself in a new way can excite you all over again and highlight the vivacity of your goals.

This makes them easier to digest and more fun to implement.

Good luck with your goals!


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