A Reminder to Eat Healthy Food…Every Day

This is just a quick reminder to myself and anyone else out there who is reading this to eat healthy. The food you put into your body probably has the single largest effect on how long you live, and the quality of your life.


Pictured above is the oatmeal I make every weekend morning (when I have the time to sit down and make myself a proper breakfast). This batch includes old fashioned oatmeal (cooked for about 15mins on the stove), cinnamon, fresh blueberries, and apple chunks.

From the reading I’ve done, and even my own body’s reaction to food–if I eat too much I feel terrible. Limiting your caloric intake is apparently conducive to fighting off cancers, and other plagues to your body.


Sometimes I’ll do a quick salad like in the above picture. I threw in tomatoes, green leaf lettuce, blueberries, apples, avocados, and carrots. I dressed it with some lemon juice to keep the fruit from browning, and for some added taste. I find that if I go too long without eating something fresh, I’ll often feel sluggish.

I’m no saint when it comes to eating healthy food. I’ll admit, I love my chocolate and pastries are a godsend. For me, the main thing has always been to eat as much healthy fresh food as possible so that I’m satiated when the temptation for delicious sweets comes along. As you can see below, I had to literally stock up on fresh stuff at work so that I didn’t stuff my face with cookies later.


I’m pretty proud of myself on this selection of produce…today I ate the whole rainbow (red cherry tomatoes, an orange, a yellow banana, green avocado, and purple grapes). I was missing blue, so I came home and ate some blueberries and my rainbow was complete. 🙂


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