Balancing Discipline and Fun

Striding into adulthood means that you’re basically in charge of every minute of your day.

Whether you get enough sleep, how fit you are, how much money you’re making, who your friends are, and what you accomplish are all up to you.

This is why balancing the two opposing forces of adult life–discipline and fun–are so crucial during your transitioning years (anywhere from 18 to 30 years old).

Finding the right balance between these two factors can mean that you are the most productive and generally happy version of yourself.

The trick is that you’ve got to discipline yourself enough to meet your goals and make something of yourself, but also to have fun so that you don’t feel as if your life is living itself without you.

Lately I’ve been experiencing an imbalance of discipline vs. fun in relation to my personal finances.

Since I have an irregular income, I can’t plan on having a set amount to spend and save each month. This means that I’ve been trying to save virtually every penny that comes in.

That’s too much discipline and not enough fun.

To overcome my frustrations, I decided to use two effective ideas to balance my finances out again. These steps can also be used in other situations, not just in the field of personal finance.

1. Structure Your Days – Make a game plan. Create a list of actionable items that need to get done, or rules that you will follow. (To lessen my frustrations, I now have money rules and set savings/investing amounts.)

2. But Allow for Flexibility – Follow your plan, but not to the t. Fun stuff always comes up, and great opportunities will pass you by if you don’t learn when to take advantage of them. (I’ve built in a way for me to spend money on not just the necessary, but experiences or items that I find fun.)


I’m now in a happier place with my finances after having found the sweet spot between discipline and fun.

It was a simple solution to a weird and psychologically draining (read: money) problem.

How do you balance these in your life?



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