Build Foundations for Long-Lasting Success

Is there something that you really want to try, but that seems so involved and complicated that you’re unwilling to put up the effort?

How is it that some people are able to quickly get the hang of a skill or technique?

Perhaps it’s time to go back to the basics and explore ways in which people have succeeded by pushing themselves through to the end by first obtaining foundational base knowledge.

Kindergarten children kick butt at learning to read. The key is that they are at the right developmental stage to learn reading skills. After they are given the basic understanding that letters have sounds and that we combine those sounds into words, they are fully set up to progress at an exponential rate.

For two thirds of the school year, I tutored kindergarteners at a bilingual center. I returned after not seeing them for a couple of months and they had all made vast improvements in their reading skills.

They had learned the methods that allowed them to soak up the valuable information that is ever-present in this technologically advanced world. All that they need to do is practice and nurture their newfound skills.

Most surprising to me was the explosive rate at which they had broken through the reading barrier. It was as if, upon my return, I had stepped into tutoring a whole new age group.

Adults who are striving to achieve competence in an area can also achieve exceptional success by learning the foundation. The only catch is that one must be mentally and emotionally ready for the venture. After you recognize the key components of whichever skill you are pursuing, you have a much higher chance of seeing things through to the end because you’ll be confident that you understand the basic system.

For example, if you are trying to become informed about fashion, you’ll want to understand a couple of things.

Find the Outlining Ideas

First off, there are fashion designers who put their visions out onto the runway every season. These people are highly revered because of the way they are able to reinvent and renew what we’re already wearing or what we have yet to try.

There are also specific names for types of clothing depending on neckline, heaviness of the garment, time of release, and special patterns that are printed on the item.

Each store that sells clothing will have a different feel and style to it. You’ll want to know where to shop that allows you to keep you in sync with your budget for clothing.

People have their own unique way of expressing themselves. There are labels for stereotypical styles.

Explore Each Subtopic

The hard work is understanding the prevailing categories that define each system that you’ll attempt to learn. After playing around with those larger ideas, you’ll want to delve into each one and find out as much as you can about each category.

Another important aspect is that motivation and repetition counts a lot in this initial process of breakthrough. It was no accident that the kids who were most proficient at reading were the ones who were most excited about being read to.

People hit a stage in their lives where, after they are prepared mentally and emotionally for a task and understand the general structure, they are able to achieve greatly on their own.

However, the ability to understand the main ideas is the most important aspect because without that basic understanding, you wouldn’t be able to search for the information you need.

Get yourself to a level where you are able to expand upon the beginning knowledge. At this point, I believe that I know enough of the Spanish language by taking classes in high school and at my university to be able to study it effectively on my own (by reading) or by speaking (with a partner or native speakers).

By building upon the basic levels of understanding, we are able to rapidly increase our learning curve, growing independently after we are given the formula and possess the drive to be able to complete such tasks.

What can you do today to prepare yourself to do something you’ve always wanted to? How can you give yourself a running start? Feel free to share your thoughts below.


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