Choosing a Backpack for Travel (and My Review of the REI Stoke 19)

REI Stoke 19A couple of months ago I visited the flagship REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc) in Seattle for the first time. It’s a great store that sells gear like backpacks, cycling accessories, and just anything you’d need to visit the great outdoors in style and comfort.

I was searching for the perfect backpack.

When I was a child, I curiously wondered what it would be like to travel urban and rural streets, or even venturing into nature with nothing but a backpack. I can’t tell you how many lazy afternoons I spent staring out from behind our screen door, hoping to take a journey but knowing that it was too risky to do so at a young age.

Enter REI and their vast selection of backpacks.

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My Review of the 2013 Macbook Air 13″

Macbook AirI’ve been testing out the new 2013 Macbook Air (released this past June) for about a week now and so far I’m liking it more than my Macbook Pro (mid-2012 edition,┬ánot retina display).

I purchased the base model Air with no bells or whistles.

During the first couple of days I was practically in love with the new machine–likely due to its relative novelty. I liked it way way WAY more than my Macbook Pro. After about a week, I’m still very much enjoying it, but not to the extent that I was when I was traveling with it last weekend (I went to Philly–a post on that to come soon!).

First and foremost, my lust for this machine comes from the mobility factor. I feel like this is the most powerful and light laptop I’ve ever worked on.

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