Channel Your Innermost Creativity

How do you turn an independent project into something impressively unique? If it is to come off as genuinely creative and inspiring, it has got to move beyond a resurrection of material from the echo chamber; it must come freely from one’s thoughts.

But how does one tap into the infinite resource of our creative mind?

Before You Begin:

Forget Limits and Suggestions

First off, we can’t allow someone else to tell us how to complete said creative act. For them to tell us would be for us to have our creativity wiped. There is no meaning behind creativity that was forced into existence. Understand that you can follow rules to complete your project, but you will score extra brownie points if you somehow break the idea of “standard.” Following your intuition as guidance will be your best bet to ultimate creativity because the decisions and consequently the outcome will come directly from you. At the core of your being lies endless imagination.

Hold Your Own Standards

Letting another person dictate what level you should be working at will cause you to sell yourself short. You’ll likely compromise your best work for a lower level of output. It’s also a good tip not to analyze your competition. Often, in the process of comparing their past work to your future work it’s easy to forget what your original ideas were. Hold back your mind from exploring the works of others and you’ll see a better result – one that isn’t tainted with outright plagiarism.

The Process:

Let Your Idea Develop

Give it room to grow. Your idea is a subset of you – a special part of your life that you are giving form to. If you treat it as a division of yourself then you are more likely to incorporate more meaning and functionality into it. Don’t hold back either. We need the world to see you – to gain a refreshing new perspective because you have imparted your influence.

Envision the End Product

Imagine your idea fully presented in all its glory. When you do this, your brain subconsciously wants to partner with you to make the idea a reality. This easily sets you up for success. Now that you know where you want to go, you can form a path to get there.

Blazing the Path

Next you will need to create the path that will lead you from a simple creative thought to a fully developed implementation of the idea. Begin by writing down all the elements, steps, resources you think you’ll need. It’s better to have things on paper because then your mind doesn’t need to focus on everything at once. You can empty your brain and then take a look at the whole.

During this process, engage every resource that you have at your fingertips. If that doesn’t work, ask the people at your fingertips who they have at their fingertips. See how far you can cast your net. Be unafraid to ask for help from others. As long as you’ve been pleasant company and are willing to aid others in their quests, they should have no problem doing the same. Just don’t be one of those people who only want friendship when they need help.

Once you understand your steps and have secured your mentors/resources/tools, you’re able to go to work on your idea.

Seeing it Through

Sure, you may have a million and one creative ideas at your disposal, but seeing them through will fuel your motivation to implement other ideas. If you know you can finish and successfully test out one, you’ll have more confidence to try your hand at another.

Notice Patterns of Creativity

Although most of the creation should take place internally first, there is an exception – inspiration. Recognize and analyze the innovators in your industry or area of expertise. What are they doing on a regular basis that allows them to have the confidence to pull off creative endeavors? How can you learn from them?


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  1. Very well put. I love the idea of holding your own standards and writing down all the steps. I feel like these two especially are things I need to remember to do on a daily basis.

    Really helpful post,