Create Trust by Showing Up

I work with a program that tutors preschool-aged children in the basics of literacy and social competency. Time I spend in the preschool means more connection and bonding with the children. Time I use to help recruit and interview means more dedicated members. Time I spend preparing means smoother meetings and sessions. Time I use listening and problem solving means a happier team.

The lesson? Be available to others and put time into the activities that you’re involved in. Anything less than your best is a waste of time.

You’ll Develop Your Interpersonal Skills

Face to face interaction with people around you will open your mind up to more perspectives and world views. And besides, being comfortable with diversity is a prerequisite to almost any career.

For people to trust you, you need to be understanding of the way people live their lives, even if you’re trying to help them fix something about their lives. We’re also more apt to trust people who care about us and are willing to spend quality time with us. For instance, if a mother barely spends time with her kid, the child might not feel a special bond of trust and perhaps might not respect her authority.

Repetition Establishes Familiarity

The more people see a brand in action, the more they believe that the brand is reputable because they’ve proven over and over that they are effective and deliver what’s promised. In the words of Chris Brogan, you are a brand. And you should be thinking about how to make your brand outstanding. This will make you more hireable in terms of working for another person or working for yourself and taking on contracts with clients.

Soon enough your brand will start working for itself even without you having to be there. People will talk. Hopefully they have good things to say. So get out there and find ways to provide face time where it matters.

In short, you want to be seen because that’s how you’ll be remembered.


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