Failure Is an Option

I’ve learned from the public school system that failing is bad. Really bad. Like if I fail a class something unspeakable and scary will happen to me. So, I always played it safe and tried my hardest not to fail.

But how does this advice play out when you enter the “real world” and you’re trying, for instance, to start a business?

In the business world, this advice sucks! It doesn’t speak to the methods of businesses, nor the risk-taking mentality of entrepreneurs.

If you want to do something right, you’re going to have to fail. Let go of your fear of failure, rejection, consternation. To truly be in this world, and not just survive in this world, requires a certain amount of failure.

When I first found out about this idea that failure is a completely normal thing in the world, and that most successful people have gone through a lot of it, I was shocked. I couldn’t believe that the things we learned in school were so counter-intuitive to the way that the world works. Isn’t that the whole premise of an “education,” is that we’re supposed to be educated about real world effects on our lives?

Despite the fact that I was kept in the dark for so long about the actual benefits of failure, I wanted to make sure that I share this with as many people as possible.

Until you fail, you won’t know what doesn’t work. I say, let’s “err and share” together! Go out and fail, and report what you learned here in the comments section.


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