A Note About Changes

Hello everyone! This might get a little confusing for about a week or so, but I’ve just moved to WordPress.org on a separate server from Blogger, and am customizing my blog. If you’re a loyal reader, feel free to visit my old archived posts at my Blogger site. It still has all of my old posts. Unfortunately, I won’t be transferring those posts over to this new site.

But Don’t Worry

Check back for updates coming soon (or just to see how badly I can mess up my site!).


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2 Comments on “A Note About Changes

  1. Nice =]

    WordPress gives you more freedom than Blogger anyways, at least in my eyes. Are you making your own layout or looking for one? If you’re looking for one, checking out Gabi at her resource site http://www.atomicaffliction.com/ might be a good place to start =]

    lol I’ve been a vegetarian for a LONG time and love the lifestyle. It tried to be a vegan but I just couldn’t do it–i love chocolate and cheese. But I’ve stopped drinking milk, which when I think about it, makes little sense if I still eat cheese

  2. Monnii,

    The layouts on Atomic Affliction are ridiculously cute, thanks for the resource! Right now I’m customizing the Thesis theme for WordPress.

    And I agree — milk kind of freaks me out now. I see no reason to drink it. But I do enjoy soy milk.