How to Do Something Well: Mindset

Once you know that your top-level goal is completion, you must make sure that your mindset is aligned with your goals so that mentally you’re your goal’s helping hand instead of its dragging feet.


I hold the opinion that you need to be excited about something to do it well. Even if you’re just cooking a meal, you’ve got to be excited about it for it to taste like quality food. It’s the idea of injecting love into everything you do. When people say that a dish was “made with love,” you can absolutely taste the difference in a dish that was carefully prepared, and one that was thrown together haphazardly.


Another aspect of getting into the mindset of doing well at something is to immerse yourself into whatever it is you’re doing. This is an easy way to automate the process.

Being constantly surrounded by a culture that already does something well (speaking a language fluently, for example) is extremely helpful. You will not only be surrounded by those who you want to mirror, but you will also be forced to interact at their level.

Say you want to learn Spanish. By traveling to a region like South America you’ll have the opportunity to be mixed in with the locals, speaking Spanish on a daily basis even while doing ordinary tasks like purchasing something at the market. Given enough time, your level of Spanish will improve to match up with theirs.

With that being said, I think it’s important to surround yourself with people who are capable of a high level of proficiency. Just as you would never train for a serious competition by playing a sport against a beginner, you would not want to limit yourself to only interacting with people who are mediocre at the skill/task you set out to accomplish well.


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