How to Get the Body of Your Dreams in 3 Months (Even if You Hate the Gym)

body-of-your-dreamsWhat does the idea of your dream body entail? Probably that you look good (muscular and defined), and that you’re strong or flexible enough to be able to do desired activities.

I believe that you can get excruciatingly close to your dream body, or at least make significant progress towards it in a span of three months.

There is no greater feeling than having your body work for you. For instance, to be able to run a long distance continuously, or be strong enough to pull yourself up over something, or to push heavy weights off of yourself.

I was amazed at the functionality and definition I saw in others’ bodies. That’s how I got interested weight training.

In the process, I learned so much about what it takes to actually see physical change in my body. For years I’d been trying to lose the extra weight around my middle and in my arms. Eating healthier during my freshman year in college helped (Fun fact: I actually lost about 10 lbs when coming to college, as opposed to gaining the notorious “Freshman 15”). But just eating healthier didn’t get me to where I wanted to be.

I’ve never been extremely heavy, but I’ve always been a little bit flabby. For me, seeing results was not at all about “more cardio.” Before I started training with my boyfriend, I had no idea how to lose the extra fat, and really look good.

#1) Join a gym, and find someone who goes consistently

For starters I would recommend joining a gym.

I didn’t join a gym for the longest time because I thought I could get fit on my own and didn’t need to take the time out of my day to go to a dedicated fitness place or pay money for someone to let me move my body. Boy, was I wrong.

I enjoy the outdoors a significant amount, but honestly, it’s difficult to work out on your own time in your home or at the park.

Sometimes it’s too cold, and sometimes the fact that you’re in your home makes it too easy to slip into your normal routine, which probably doesn’t include exercising.

A gym has everything you need to get physically fit, as well as the atmosphere that condones it. When you’re there, you know you’re there to work on your body. There’s nothing else to do.

#2) Redefine the notion of a “gym”

If you don’t prefer the gym, here’s a quick tip to help you get over it. It includes a shift in your mindset.

Think of the gym as a playground for adults. When I think of it that way, it sounds intriguing. It’s a place for adults to move their bodies and become stronger. It includes all the heavy weights and resources for you to be able to get stronger and faster and better physically.

You can be social and interact with others, or just have some time to focus on you and improving your body. To be able to take part in this wonderful playground, you just need to know how to interact with the pieces of equipment in the gym.

When you think of a gym that way, you’re more likely to go to the gym to de-stress, and relax. Kids do this when they go outside and run around for recess. They need to burn off the energy they’ve built up all day from being inside.

When did we transition from being kids who lived for recess to adults who don’t prioritize physical activity? Make the gym something fun and you’ll be more excited to go.

#3) Get Inspired

I find that gyms are the ultimate inspiration for me. When I was just beginning my fitness routine, I saw people with beautiful bodies–bodies that I had only ever seen on television.

These people were serious about building better physiques and it showed. As I saw myself gaining more definition in my muscles, I knew that I was on the path to be able to look like them one day. My favorite part about my current gym is that the women there are incredible. They’re strong, made of muscle, and just so feminine and glowy that I am in awe of all the work they’ve put into themselves.

#4) Calisthenics

If you still don’t like the idea of a gym, there are other options for you. You can do calisthenics, or body weight exercises. Here are some examples of people who are incredibly fit and only work out in places like playgrounds, etc. See BarStarzz or Lada Pridal on YouTube for some awesome bar workouts.

I find this to be amazing, because they’ve got the drive and discipline to do this. It also helps that they live in a climate that makes it easy for them to be able to exercise outside.

Exercising outdoors isn’t my go-to choice in the winter when I’m freezing after just walking the short distance from our car to the gym. I swear I’m cold blooded. This is why I recommend joining a gym above all else.

You can always work out on a playground but let’s be honest–will you actually go there 3-5 times a week and exercise? If you can find a buddy to do this with, this may not be a bad idea.

#5) How to really see results

In the end it all comes down to a few key rules: learn the basic workouts, dedicate yourself completely to it, and set concrete and achievable goals.

Learn basic workouts

Train with someone who knows what they’re doing and goes consistently.

Otherwise, check out videos on how to do the basics:

  • Squats (any squat-like motion works just fine–leg press, lunges, goblet squats, squats with the bar, etc)
  • Pull-ups (back exercises like lat pull-downs, rows, etc)
  • Push ups (or work your chest with bench press, triceps with dips)

My advice is to to train with someone who can accomplish what you hope to, or is at least stronger than you or more proficient at the movement that you are trying to master.

Dedicate yourself completely

The only reason I was able to get as far as I did is because I created the habit, but that I also really really wanted it. I started working out because wanted to prove to myself that I could run a 5k race, and fulfill promises to myself in general. Not letting yourself give up is a big part of it. I’d say that physical training is 70% mental and 30% physical. Most likely you’re already physically capable (or very very close to it) of whatever it is you’re planning to accomplish.

You can’t half ass this. If you want the body of your dreams, you’re going to need to sacrifice a few things–some social gatherings, several hours of your week, and even your favorite junk food (6 days of the week!).

In my mind, the sacrifice is so worth it. I was tired of not being 100% happy with my body, but now I feel better than ever.


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