How to Increase Your Confidence by Using Stronger Language

I’m not talking about curse words here, don’t worry.

What I am talking about is updating your oral or written word flow—making it more precise and less wishy-washy.

Carefully crafting your language in conversation and writing is key to being professional and garnering respect for yourself.

If you’re speaking to your boss, or writing an email to a potential client, or even chatting with a good friend, you’ll want to say the perfect words at the perfect moment.

Using the right language choices can ensure you accomplish:

  1. Getting what you want (a raise, more vacation time, etc), or
  2. Making the other person feel the way you want (honored, respected, etc).

And you can do this by paring down the use of phrases like “I may be wrong but…” or “I think” or terms like these that give you less credibility.

You may be using these phrases to try to downplay your comments just in case you’re wrong, but you’ll end up sounding unsure of yourself–creating lower confidence levels and less trust in you from others.

Be more conscious of how you’re using your words. It’s okay to want to be humble, but be sure that you’re not lowballing yourself in an arena when you should be projecting yourself as a professional and as a confident person.

Take this example of cutting out unnecessary words to make a piece stronger:

Last night I was helping to edit an eleven-year-old-girl’s paper. It was probably the first one she’d ever written at this length–1 1/2 pages long. We went through it, correcting her vocabulary and syntax and most of all making sure that the capital letters were where they were supposed to be.

When we reached a point in her paper where a few sentences were completely off-topic and detracted from her main point, I told her to erase those sentences altogether.

She looked at me for a second, alarmed, “All of this?!”

“Yep. They just don’t fit.”

With one click of a button, they were gone. And her paper was that much stronger for it.

The lesson is, though it may hurt when you’re stripping words or even self-deprecating phrases from your vocabulary that have been near and dear to you, it’s necessary to make you stronger and more confident.

Try it out today. As you’re having an interaction with someone, consciously erase the mediocre words from your sentences.

And although you might slip up at times, that’s okay. Just get back on the horse and keep riding.


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One Comment on “How to Increase Your Confidence by Using Stronger Language

  1. hola!! i enjoyed reading this article! though when you were giving an example, i was hoping to get a more specific example like: ‘this is a weak and unsure statement. here is a stronger statement.’ i know i could use some pointers of how to strengthen my oral speech :]