How to Join the Extraordinary League of Creative People

I’ve known some people to write off creative work as something unsubstantial. As not real work.

I call bull on that.

The work of an artist, musician, writer, actor, is the lifeblood of entertainment, of inspiration, of feeling.

The world needs your creative vision, and if you’re unsure of how to go about securing a place as a creative person, then I have a few quick and dirty tips for you below.

Spout nonsense until gold comes out

Just keep creating even if your creations aren’t yielding ideal results because one day you’ll come out with something that pleases you. The effort that you spend now working on your craft will not have been wasted when you find that nugget of gold waiting between two mountains of crap.


Mind your own work

You’ll likely be more respected and will finish more work if you don’t pay mind to the opinions of others. If you’re continuously wondering whether you’re accepted as a creative person, it will damage your ability to produce creative work.

And a note about competition: it’s great for business but bad for the soul. When you compare yourself with others in the same creative field you could lose sight of why that work was important to you in the first place.

Once, I got so caught up with how awesome this one guy’s site was that I forgot to acknowledge how far I’d come with my own website designing knowledge.

That obsession set me back in my own creative work.


Seek help and build a community

Ask for help when you’re stuck. The people who are there to offer helpful and positive advice are supporters of creativity. They are your community.

You can accomplish grand feats with your community behind you. They will cheer you on when you’re on fire—and even when you’re not. Join your mind with the minds of others in your community and see what you can come up with.

The bottom line is: If you realize that you’re creative, then you’re creative.

But it must start with you.


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