My Review of the 2013 Macbook Air 13″

Macbook AirI’ve been testing out the new 2013 Macbook Air (released this past June) for about a week now and so far I’m liking it more than my Macbook Pro (mid-2012 edition,┬ánot retina display).

I purchased the base model Air with no bells or whistles.

During the first couple of days I was practically in love with the new machine–likely due to its relative novelty. I liked it way way WAY more than my Macbook Pro. After about a week, I’m still very much enjoying it, but not to the extent that I was when I was traveling with it last weekend (I went to Philly–a post on that to come soon!).

First and foremost, my lust for this machine comes from the mobility factor. I feel like this is the most powerful and light laptop I’ve ever worked on.

For a while in college I was using my sister’s netbook to take notes during lectures. Oh god it was terrible. It was a slow machine, barely able to bring up one program in a timely fashion.

I’m so impressed by how the solid state hard drive on this Macbook Air performs. It is exceptional. There’s barely any lag time with programs opening, and I really feel like I could bring this laptop around anywhere–it’s that light.

Having this new laptop has actually made me bring it with me to more places and write with it more often (yay for my productivity).

I have been using the Macbook Pro for about a year and didn’t have too many qualms with it except for the fact that it was slightly too bulky to carry around everywhere like I envisioned myself doing. I also just didn’t need a lot of the power that I had with the Pro.

Honestly, I don’t do as much video editing or intensive image editing as I thought I would be doing. I mainly use my laptop for web surfing, research, watching videos, and writing.

Was this a terrible financial decision? Yes. I had a perfectly fine laptop to begin with, but chose to buy this one because I thought it would be much better.

Does the laptop make me happy? Yes. I believe it really does. Additionally, my plan for the next couple of years includes me traveling around the world (likely to Thailand and perhaps Vietnam), so I’ll be really happy to have something light and portable as my companion and workhorse.

My recommendation for anyone who is looking for a new laptop to replace an old, outdated one, is to purchase the Macbook Air 13″. The 13″ screen is perfect for everyday use as a main laptop, and the speed and lightweight nature of the laptop make it an excellent choice for people looking to get things done on the go or otherwise.


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