One Time Offer

This is a one-time offer. Take it or leave it. You have entered the personal blog of Selina Pittari and there is no escape if you read on. Scary, right? The goal of this blog is for me to experiment and find a way to create traction. Can this be a viable source of income? Is it a worthy investment of time? Can I further my writing abilities and keep the promises I’ve made to myself about personal development and engaging my mind? Only time (and perseverance) will tell.

There may be no direct or apparent reason that I’m starting this blog other than to help myself, but let me tell you that I’ve been personally affected by so many blogs. They’ve literally changed the way I live my life, think on a day to day basis, and I’m always hungry for new (and wonderful) writers. Because, you see, the thing about blogs is that you can take a journey into someone’s head for as long as they are willing to let you. As Bill O’Hanlon says in his book Write is a Verb, something you write might just be the exact thing someone else needs to read at that moment. So true. If I can share my ideas publicly and just one other person can benefit from what I’ve had to say, then I’ll have effected change.


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