Personal Development Blog Fast: Update

To get you up to speed from my previous post about this topic, I took a personal development blog fast and hadn’t touched personal development material from blogs in 30 days.

It was a weird time for me because I’ve been so used to looking to other people to provide a sense of direction and inspiration for my daily pursuits. I missed the environment of personal development because it felt so foreign to be without it–like I was away from home.

Things I Learned

Without putting new ideas into my head about how to grow and learn, I began to stagnate. I woke up way later in the day (something that I tend to despise), which was likely due to me not having a sense of direction or goals to accomplish.

My willingness to write about my life declined.

Basically, personal development notions have become my proverbial food. Without it, I starve.

As soon as I got back on the bandwagon and began filling my mind once again with personal development ideas and interesting ways to implement them in my life, my sense of purpose soared.

I’ll be posting another article soon detailing some results of my most recent ventures in personal development. (Hint: I’ve started a new project! And it should be a fun one.)


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