Replace Your Compulsive Shopping Habits

Traditionally, the public has consumed well beyond their means. This phenomenon may or may not include going into debt, but at any rate, the habit is wasteful. Purchasing items when they are not necessary is counter-intuitive.

Aren’t there better ways we could be spending our time, money, and efforts?

An ongoing battle for minimalism is taking place. People realize the stronghold that the media has on them, and are attempting to do something about it. This movement has given rise to the incredible popularity of such sites as Zen Habits and Mnmlist (well, both of those are by the same author…go figure).

My advice is to just buy what works. However, you don’t want to be stuck with a brand that may not work as well as its competition. When in doubt, test a new brand out. Get rid of all the excess.

When you hold onto things that you don’t need, you’re just creating baggage for yourself. It’s not healthy and causes stress. Why be responsible for more than you need?

The law of diminishing returns holds that the more you continue to purchase and have, the less each consecutive material possession will increase happiness.

The most common reason people purchase new items is because they are excited to let something new into their lives. When they view the product, they consider all the ways that the product will make them feel when wearing, using, or gifting the item. Combat this by tricking your mind into believing that it can feel good without an abundance of material things.

Reinvent Small Areas of Your Appearance

Even if you spend a little money doing this, the benefits will stay with you on your person. Let’s say you get a new haircut or even change up your hairstyle a bit. This change will be with you every moment of every day, and you can constantly appreciate it. Do it often enough and it’s like shopping for a different you!

If you are a person who hardly ever wears a certain type of jewelry, perhaps make that your new thing. Make your own if you’re looking to save money, buy thrift, or borrow. If not, buy one of the item, and give it a test drive. Jewelry is something that doesn’t need to be consistently changed out, and you therefore won’t break the bank by trying the fashion out. Maybe you just needed the satisfaction of trying something new and spicing up your own life.

If you’re looking for a more substantial change you can always attempt to tone your body for ultimate fitness. Committing yourself to your body will help you fix the need to shop outrageously. You might have been shopping for emotional reasons. Feeling better about your body could be all the motivation you need to pursue other goals – ones that are more worthy of your time than shopping.

Read a Book

In buying an unnecessary product, you’re begging for an emotional adventure. Instead of putting down the bucks, try getting it through a book (from the library) and not a product. Reading is the fastest way to escape your current reality and be on a journey to somewhere else. If the novel or other book that you’re reading doesn’t put you in a state of happiness, then write your own. You can tell your characters what to do or where to take you. And yes, it will be your characters that will take YOU places.

Change Your Routine

The daily grind doesn’t just become monotonous; it consumes us in a fiery pit of monotony. If you have the flexibility, change your work day around a bit. If not, change the way you work.

When you take a break from what you’re doing, walk a new route, drink a new coffee, or take the break with someone new. When you’re seated, face a new direction or sit at a different chair.

Rearrange Your Space

Building upon the previous point, you can also completely change the way a room feels by moving furniture around, or adding pieces that you retired long ago back into the mix.

In conclusion

When you have considerably changed up the routine of the elements within your life, you may not ever need to go back to shopping excessively again. The human mind craves new subject matter. My advice is to give it what it wants.


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