Spying on RVs in the City


I spied on this RV so hard…it looked so…livable.

We went on a bike ride down to the beach with the intention of spotting RVs stealthily parked on the beachfront.

I never used to notice the RVs–just casually taking them in as part of the scenery. I mean, there are quite a few RVs just hanging around Seattle, parked in the various neighborhoods that I’ve lived in for the past twenty years or so. Now that I think about it, how many of these RVs are actually the full time home of the people who own them? It’s amazing to consider!


Why wouldn’t you want this view from your house?!

At this point, I’m confident that the people living in them full time are more than I imagined, and the benefits of doing so include getting a beachfront property (which many people would pay millions for) for almost nothing. Parking there for under 72hrs is usually free and legal, or even longer, as long as “concerned citizens” don’t complain.

Why should any of this matter? Well, I’m secretly planning to purchase an RV and roadtrip across the U.S. one day, and I thought that doing research now would help me become fully prepared. I’ve been mentally preparing for a couple of months now, putting myself in the position of someone who lives in a small space, but treats the outdoors as an extension of their livable space.


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2 Comments on “Spying on RVs in the City

  1. Can I join, in the adventure (: the secret is out of the bag, now (:

    • But Dad, you don’t like to travel, remember? 🙂