Starting With Inner Peace

What is it that calms you down in the midst of chaos? If your mind is at peace, it sets the foundation for the rest of the activities that you pursue.

I recently played a video game called Fable in which there was a sanctuary you could go to anytime you felt the need to escape from game play. With the push of a button, you were in a place where no one could harm you, and where you could gather your thoughts. Everyone should have a crevice of their mind to which they can return if things become overwhelming.

Places to find inner peace

The mind

As I’ve stressed just a moment ago, the mind is the safest and most reliable place for you to keep a calm reservoir. Ultimately, even with the variety of techniques you could use to find inner peace, it must end up in the mind to be effective. This is because you never know where a chaotic situation will present itself to you, and if your inner peace is in your mind, you can carry it with you. This is your mobile option.

A physical space

The preschool classroom that I work in has a small nook with a comfy chair that children can go and sit in when they feel like they need some quiet time. This is a grand idea for two reasons: 1) children need to de-stress and there isn’t always a developed spot in their mind for them to do that, and 2) when there are less stressed children in a classroom, the flow of activities runs more smoothly.

A calm environment is highly influential on your mind. Therefore, the physical space that provides inner peace will be the closest thing to having peace in tactile form.

In a routine/methodical chore

Some people do yoga. Some clean their house. Some drink tea. Depending on how you react to each of these methods, they may or may not work for you. Keep in mind that the act or acts that comprise the routine bring a sense of calm into your life, and not duty. You should feel free and comfortable during this time.

Why is inner peace a good starting point?

Comfort allows you to reach levels of discomfort

Again, starting with inner peace has ample effects upon your life. If you have a safe place to return to, you’ll be more apt to take risks that might bring discomfort, but also promise great rewards. This can include public speaking, business ventures, networking, and anything else that allows you to expand your horizons.

Growth requires discomfort

If you never push yourself you won’t know what you’re able to accomplish. So take this opportunity to think about the ways that you can bring inner peace into your life.

Reflection: Which methods work for you? Do you start with your environment, a routine, or inside your mind?


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5 Comments on “Starting With Inner Peace

  1. great article! having a sanctuary is definitely important. it is what keep people sane huh? i suppose my place of sanctuary is in my mind 🙂

    • Thanks KL. Yes, having inner peace is important for my mental and physical health. I’m glad you have a sanctuary as well. =)

  2. I like to run. My mind is definitely not my place of inner peace, I can’t even fathom that. I try to run away from my mind with vigorous exercise. So I guess I am a “Routine” person.

  3. Hey Selina,

    A calm, uncluttered mind is where it’s at and I think creating a minimalist lifestyle and workspace is an excellent way to achieve this.

    P.S. You played Fable recently? 😛 I loved that game.

  4. Hey Selina, I have two things I do to get inner peace. First I work out at the gym. For some reason, lifting weights or running calms me down and relaxes me. I guess that’s why exercise is suggested for stress relief. Secondy, I do some sort of meditation. Even if it is for only a minute or two, it really helps me calm down. I agree with you too about risk taking and inner peace. Good stuff.