Strip Your Dependencies

As a twenty-something college student, I’m struggling to find my place between being a young adult and an adult. It’s difficult to place myself on that maturity continuum. And I’m sure that if you’re in my age group you’re feeling the same things.

There is no magical moment wherein a king or queen will deem us an “adult.” We have to make those decisions for ourselves, and we must feel the part before we begin to play the part of an adult.

My definition of adulthood includes a high level of autonomy. However, things like dependencies detract from the ability to feel and be autonomous. A dependency on a relationship, substance, or otherwise unhealthy habit can slow the maturation process. More than likely you’ll be closed-off in the face of change from the status quo. And in the world of personal development, the refusal to change is almost always crippling.

If you want to grow as a person, dependencies will often times hold you back. Dependencies are sort of like debt–if you have a lot of it, you need to get rid of it before you begin to invest and grow your money.

One caveat to this is that a certain level of dependency is expected at any age–it’s key for creating communities and building innovations that are larger than ourselves. Dependencies only create a problem when someone is not willing to address the problem, and continues to turn a blind eye to the situation.

My advice for today? Identify the ways in which you’re dependent, and then write down a few active steps you can take to reduce them. If you need advice, feel free to contact me or drop in for a comment below.


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One Comment on “Strip Your Dependencies

  1. great article! i agree that dependencies are like debts…