The Secret to Developing Any Skill

There’s one thing that I’ve noticed separates those who fail and those who succeed in every new skill that I’ve tried to master–whether it be learning a new language, doing a pull-up, or even completing a challenging project… Read More

How to Do Something Well: Mindset

Once you know that your top-level goal is completion, you must make sure that your mindset is aligned with your goals so that mentally you’re your goal’s helping hand instead of its dragging feet. Dedication I hold the… Read More

Running for Fun and Fitness

I was never a runner. Always the slowest, always out of breath, always “it” for the longest during tag. That is, until I ran for a mile for the first time without stopping to walk. That simple act… Read More

Creating a Clutter-Free Life

I gave away lots of my stuff, and it had a positive impact on my life. Learn about some of the struggles I faced in letting items go, but also the freedom I gained.

Tree House Reading: Money, Finance, and Education

This week’s reading recommendations include a book that sheds light on the millionaire mentality, and one that refutes college as the go-to institution.