Combating Self-Doubt

Sometimes, when working on something that really matters to us, we let a small feeling of doubt reside within ourselves. With every small mistake we make, the feeling can fester and deepen, while every success goes unacknowledged by our overly-critical selves. That feeling can even grow to a point where it sabotages the very work that you were once so passionate about.

Strip Your Dependencies

Dependencies limit the possibility for autonomy and adulthood. What do you depend on?

Escape Routes

A building without an obvious escape route creates anxiety and discomfort, even if it is just on a subconscious level. Today I’ll be discussing how creating escape routes for the situations in your life will help to reduce this anxiety and create a more productive and conscious effort on your part.

Become Autonomous in 2011

We’ve been jaded out of living up to our potential. Let’s fix this in 2011.

Question Your Beliefs

You may not know it, but you’re not in charge of your actions. Your beliefs guide you in your decisions. Let’s put you back in charge by assessing your beliefs.