Decorating as a Minimalist

I moved into my own apartment not long after I got my first full-time job. I don’t regret this. I love every minute of being able to make my own decisions and choosing my lifestyle. Funny thing is,… Read More

My 2012 Review

For me, 2012 was a great year for growth. I developed professionally and gained some skills I didn’t explicitly set out to conquer—but I am grateful that it all happened. My main achievements were: learning more about fitness… Read More

Creating a Clutter-Free Life

I gave away lots of my stuff, and it had a positive impact on my life. Learn about some of the struggles I faced in letting items go, but also the freedom I gained.

Tree House Reading: Money, Finance, and Education

This week’s reading recommendations include a book that sheds light on the millionaire mentality, and one that refutes college as the go-to institution.

Balancing Discipline and Fun

Striding into adulthood means that you’re basically in charge of every minute of your day.

Whether you get enough sleep, how fit you are, how much money you’re making, who your friends are, and what you accomplish are all up to you.