Balancing Discipline and Fun

Striding into adulthood means that you’re basically in charge of every minute of your day.

Whether you get enough sleep, how fit you are, how much money you’re making, who your friends are, and what you accomplish are all up to you.

The Absolute Best Way to Gain Respect While Maintaining Likeability

Is through positive reinforcement.

With these two simple words comes a notion that is often overlooked in the classroom, in the home, and in the workplace for other sterner, and less effective, methods of behavior-correction.

Personal Finance Basics

I’ve written for you a compilation of all the knowledge I have of finance and how to make good financial decisions. From various books, blogs, and general life experience, here comes the best set of personal finance options and information I can offer you at this time.

Financial Tracking: How I’m doing it right this time

I’ve radically shifted my view on money by peeking into the mind of a Stanford graduate.

Tackle the Ordinary

Are you worried about being too ordinary? I say, “embrace it!” It just might be the nudge you need to keep going and eventually become extraordinary.