Choosing a Backpack for Travel (and My Review of the REI Stoke 19)

A couple of months ago I visited the flagship REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc) in Seattle for the first time. It’s a great store that sells gear like backpacks, cycling accessories, and just anything you’d need to visit the… Read More

Achieving Lofty Goals While in a Long-Term Relationship

Many of the most accomplished people I know or idolize are not in long-term relationships. Perhaps this is just coincidence, but I actually think that there’s a reason that people who are not in relationships accomplish so much…. Read More

My 2012 Review

For me, 2012 was a great year for growth. I developed professionally and gained some skills I didn’t explicitly set out to conquer—but I am grateful that it all happened. My main achievements were: learning more about fitness… Read More

The Art of Krav Maga: Learn to Save Your Life

I hit the ground. Hard. Still stunned from the impact, I heard someone say, “Welcome to the real world. Get back up and fight!” I immediately sprang back up, and with a one-two-punch combo, I continued to hit… Read More

How to Get a Job Right After College

I’m going to be honest with you—I was lucky. It took me about two months after graduation to find a job. That’s not to say that it’s everyone’s dream, nor is it achievable in every circumstance. But alas,… Read More