The Secret to Developing Any Skill

There’s one thing that I’ve noticed separates those who fail and those who succeed in every new skill that I’ve tried to master–whether it be learning a new language, doing a pull-up, or even completing a challenging project… Read More

Achieving Lofty Goals While in a Long-Term Relationship

Many of the most accomplished people I know or idolize are not in long-term relationships. Perhaps this is just coincidence, but I actually think that there’s a reason that people who are not in relationships accomplish so much…. Read More

My 2012 Review

For me, 2012 was a great year for growth. I developed professionally and gained some skills I didn’t explicitly set out to conquer—but I am grateful that it all happened. My main achievements were: learning more about fitness… Read More

Personal Development Blog Fast: Update

Updates on how my 30-day blog-reading fast went. Lessons learned and steps I’ll take going forward.

2 Easy Steps to Setting Tangible Goals that Excite You

It is often that we picture ourselves richer, fitter, or smarter only to fall short of accomplishing these goals.

I set hundreds of goals for myself each year, big and small. Although I don’t reach them all, it’s the process of setting them that gives me a better vision of who I am, and it’s the process of meeting them that shines a light on my true character.