Choosing a Backpack for Travel (and My Review of the REI Stoke 19)

A couple of months ago I visited the flagship REI (Recreational Equipment, Inc) in Seattle for the first time. It’s a great store that sells gear like backpacks, cycling accessories, and just anything you’d need to visit the… Read More

Decorating as a Minimalist

I moved into my own apartment not long after I got my first full-time job. I don’t regret this. I love every minute of being able to make my own decisions and choosing my lifestyle. Funny thing is,… Read More

Running for Fun and Fitness

I was never a runner. Always the slowest, always out of breath, always “it” for the longest during tag. That is, until I ran for a mile for the first time without stopping to walk. That simple act… Read More

Financial Tracking: How I’m doing it right this time

I’ve radically shifted my view on money by peeking into the mind of a Stanford graduate.

Replace Your Compulsive Shopping Habits

Try using these unusual approaches when you feel like you can’t tame that shopping addiction.