7 Reasons Why You Should Chase Your Dreams

I firmly believe that each of us has an inner compass—one that will ultimately guide us in the direction that will make us happiest.

Here’s a quick but effective list of the reasons why I’ve found dream-chasing to be worth my while:

The Absolute Best Way to Gain Respect While Maintaining Likeability

Is through positive reinforcement.

With these two simple words comes a notion that is often overlooked in the classroom, in the home, and in the workplace for other sterner, and less effective, methods of behavior-correction.

2 Easy Steps to Setting Tangible Goals that Excite You

It is often that we picture ourselves richer, fitter, or smarter only to fall short of accomplishing these goals.

I set hundreds of goals for myself each year, big and small. Although I don’t reach them all, it’s the process of setting them that gives me a better vision of who I am, and it’s the process of meeting them that shines a light on my true character.

Combating Self-Doubt

Sometimes, when working on something that really matters to us, we let a small feeling of doubt reside within ourselves. With every small mistake we make, the feeling can fester and deepen, while every success goes unacknowledged by our overly-critical selves. That feeling can even grow to a point where it sabotages the very work that you were once so passionate about.

Personal Finance Basics

I’ve written for you a compilation of all the knowledge I have of finance and how to make good financial decisions. From various books, blogs, and general life experience, here comes the best set of personal finance options and information I can offer you at this time.