Tree House Reading: Money, Finance, and Education

This week’s reading recommendations include a book that sheds light on the millionaire mentality, and one that refutes college as the go-to institution.

The Absolute Best Way to Gain Respect While Maintaining Likeability

Is through positive reinforcement.

With these two simple words comes a notion that is often overlooked in the classroom, in the home, and in the workplace for other sterner, and less effective, methods of behavior-correction.

Tree House Reading: Work, Time, and Writing

Welcome to the new weekly Tree House Reading series on this blog! With these posts I’ll be detailing my reading recommendations for the week.

I chose the term “Tree House Reading” because to me the phrase strikes the perfect balance between a woody wisdom, and a dreamy place in which you can lose yourself for hours.

How to Join the Extraordinary League of Creative People

I’ve known some people to write off creative work as something unsubstantial. As not real work.

I call bull on that.

The work of an artist, musician, writer, actor, is the lifeblood of entertainment, of inspiration, of feeling.

Personal Finance Basics

I’ve written for you a compilation of all the knowledge I have of finance and how to make good financial decisions. From various books, blogs, and general life experience, here comes the best set of personal finance options and information I can offer you at this time.