7 Ways to Fail in This Job Market

Mindsets NOT to have when thinking about the next step in your adult life.

Escape Routes

A building without an obvious escape route creates anxiety and discomfort, even if it is just on a subconscious level. Today I’ll be discussing how creating escape routes for the situations in your life will help to reduce this anxiety and create a more productive and conscious effort on your part.

Teach to Win

If we all took the time to become better teachers, we’d all become better learners. It’d be to our advantage in the workplace. Teaching is a part of every job. Therefore, it’s also your job.

Beat Procrastination With “The Urge List”

Prevent procrastination by using this simple technique that I like to call “The Urge List.” It refocuses and makes you conscious of how you’re spending your time while working on a project.