How to Increase Your Confidence by Using Stronger Language

Carefully crafting your language in conversation and writing is key to being professional and garnering respect for yourself.

If you’re speaking to your boss, or writing an email to a potential client, or even chatting with a good friend, you’ll want to say the perfect words at the perfect moment.

Tree House Reading: Work, Time, and Writing

Welcome to the new weekly Tree House Reading series on this blog! With these posts I’ll be detailing my reading recommendations for the week.

I chose the term “Tree House Reading” because to me the phrase strikes the perfect balance between a woody wisdom, and a dreamy place in which you can lose yourself for hours.

Combating Self-Doubt

Sometimes, when working on something that really matters to us, we let a small feeling of doubt reside within ourselves. With every small mistake we make, the feeling can fester and deepen, while every success goes unacknowledged by our overly-critical selves. That feeling can even grow to a point where it sabotages the very work that you were once so passionate about.

Tackle the Ordinary

Are you worried about being too ordinary? I say, “embrace it!” It just might be the nudge you need to keep going and eventually become extraordinary.

3 Ways to Record and Improve Personal Growth

The best way to make sure that you are continually improving yourself is to track the systems you use to make growth a priority in your life.