Teach to Win

The best teacher I know raised me up and told me I could. And I did.

If we all took the time to become better teachers, we’d all become better learners. It’d be to our advantage in the workplace. Teaching is a part of every job. Therefore, it’s also your job.

We see knowledge being passed around everywhere – books, blogs, and other informational pieces allow others to easily follow our steps and get results. However, refreshing yourself in the basics of teaching will allow you to pinpoint where you could use it more effectively in your work or home life.

“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

-William Arthur Ward

To become an inspiring teacher, you must:

Ignite the desire to learn

Create a lively environment for your audience, and engage them through your enthusiasm for the topic. Without a desire to absorb what you’re preaching, the learners will not benefit.

I love learning directly from another person because the feeling is so natural, like I was meant to learn this way. No textbook or video or podcast could ever be the same as me interacting with another human being, face-to-face.

Know your stuff

You’ve got to know it to show it. Become informed about the latest innovations in your specialty so that you’re ready to address any new concerns of your audience. A solid understanding of your material will also help reduce nervousness (especially during a large lecture or other high-stress situation).

Cater to different learning styles

This can be accomplished through using kinesthetic, visual, and auditory methods when teaching a skill; at least one is bound to strike the right chords with the learner.

Use clear language

Choice of language should be appropriate for your target audience, but the simpler the better.

Copy those who can teach

How did you learn to tie your shoes, tell a story, or drive a car? It’s very possible to learn on your own with enough cycles of experimentation and failure, but I’ll bet that you were able to watch someone else do it long enough to soak up the general gist of it. Learn from others who are teaching. Imitating a great teacher will allow their professionalism to rub off on you.

Make the difference – Yes, YOU

When we are able to teach others our success, we raise humanity to greater capabilities and foster a sense of community and kinship. Strengthening your teaching abilities allows you to empower others. And that’s what human interaction should be about: empowerment.


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