The Top 5 Reasons Why Blogging is Better Than College

With college, you get to choose a career path, but rarely do you get the opportunity to personalize every aspect of your learning experience the way you do with blogging.

When I’ve chosen how to spend my day, I’m usually 100% laser-focused on what I’m working on.

This just isn’t as true when it comes to college coursework. Even though the college class may be exciting, the homework can sometimes be a drag.

If you’re blogging, you plan the way you spend your time. If it’s researching, writing, or marketing, all of the lessons that you learn from your blogging “homework” are applicable to the real world and grant you immediate feedback.

2. Increased Community-Building Skills

The college environment is notorious for its ability to bring together diverse groups of people.

With that being said, blogging can also serve the same purpose–but requires more action on your part to make connections with people.

With a blog, you are completely responsible for building a community or network. You don’t get to sit on the sidelines while everyone is mandatorily introducing themselves by First Name, Major, and Current Year in School.

You must actively seek out relationships with people you admire.

3. Your Time Is More Productive

You can choose your own hours to work on your blogging,  meaning that you can block out only the hours of your day that are most productive for you.

You’re an early bird? No problem.

Night owl? Also no problem.

You’re completing projects faster than you ever thought you could because you’re working on things during your most productive times.

4. You Learn Better

By researching topics for your articles and rewriting the information that you’ve distilled, you’re able to do something that college doesn’t often provide–the chance to teach topics of your interest to anyone (at any time).

You teach concepts all day (or night) long in your writing/videos/art. And since teaching is the best indicator of whether you’ve learned a topic, you’re able to prove to yourself that you have absorbed the information.

5. You’ll Help More People

And that’s what counts the most.

College can become a selfish pursuit if we forget that we’re all interconnected. With curved grading scales and competitive majors, we tend to forget that helping the next person is as important as helping yourself.

But if your thoughts are powerful,

If you’ve got the right motives,

If you’re willing to work hard and be your own boss,

You’re ready to blog.


So have you tried blogging yet? If so, link yourself here and share the power that your words have. 




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