Tree House Reading: Work, Time, and Writing

Welcome to the new weekly Tree House Reading series on this blog!

With these posts I’ll be detailing my reading recommendations for the week.

I chose the term “Tree House Reading” because  to me the phrase strikes the perfect balance between a woody wisdom, and a dreamy place in which you can lose yourself for hours.

I also just enjoyed the Magic Tree House book series as a kid and thought it was fitting for the title of a series of posts about reading.

But alas, on with the reading recommendations!



1. Do the Work by Steven Pressfield — This book is short, but it packs a punch. Pressfield gives you to the right attitudes with which to approach your creative work so that you get your work done. He encourages us to be stupid, stubborn, and trusting in order to churn out and stick with our projects. I’ll probably be re-reading this book from time to time because I liked it that much.

2. Time Warrior by Steve Chandler — Coming into this book with the standard linear perception of time, I was able to open my mind to a new way of understanding time.

According to Chandler, the key to ridding yourself of worry is by working in the now so that you can maximize productivity and happiness. He gives many useful tips like this, but does not only talk about time. He packs life lessons relating from everything from being a role model instead of trying to change people, to altering our perceptions so that we can be content in our lives.



3.  10 Rare But Simple Blog Tricks that Make You Look Like a Genius — This is a great list with some fresh ideas (and believe me, I’ve scoured the internet for blog tips, I know fresh.) that will help you add subtle-yet-valuable details to your blog. (I’ve even implemented some here; see if you can spot them!)

4. 7 Habits of Serious Writers — Since I’ve been writing more lately, I thought to look for tips about writing. Ali Luke’s article details the foundation of what every good writer does to produce their craft.


If you’ve been reading anything inspiring or helpful lately, feel free to share in the comments section below and spread the wealth.  =)


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