Trying New Things and Taking Dad Racing


Here’s my dad all suited up for driving!

This weekend we took our Dad race car driving (well actually, my sister purchased this surprise for him and I just tagged along). The experience was cool and it reminded me that we should constantly be trying new things, even if they scare us, because those new things will stretch our comfort zones and make us stronger.

Maybe we’ll find out we like the new experience, and maybe we won’t. But you never truly know until you try.

Another added benefit of doing things outside of the norm is that you’ll feel like you’re living a longer and more memorable life. Think about it: when you spend almost every day partaking in the same routine, the days blend together and you start questioning where the weeks and months and even years are going. However, when you try new things on a regular basis, you break up the monotony and have plenty of novel memories from which to draw upon.


Our dad, as he was taking his “ride-along” before his chance to drive the car.


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