Wisdom I’ve Gained from Photography


When you carry your camera around everywhere you go, the ability for you to take amazing photos increases by 100%.

Play around with manual settings even if you have a completely digital, mostly automatic camera. You’ll learn to control environmental lighting better than someone with an auto setting could ever hope to achieve.


The right lighting makes all the difference. Sunny weather is not the best lighting recommendation. The brightness can deter artistically placed shadows and contrast in your photos, making them flat and uninteresting.

Try to capture photos in natural light, but if that isn’t possible or desired, then try making your own light box.



Quantity leads to quality. When you take enough pictures, there are always a few that stand out spectacularly against the rest. These are the truly artistic, professional-looking shots.

Exercise: If you’re not convinced that quantity will do the trick, just try it out for yourself. Take 300 pictures and review them. A few pictures will very likely pop and capture your interest longer than the rest. Those are the winners.



There is an assortment of cameras out there to choose from, but the best will always be what you’re comfortable with. It’s great to be so familiar with your camera that you can just whip it out and shoot the perfect moment.

You’ll learn that certain types of shots are your favorite. I particularly enjoy shooting flowers, landscapes, and portraits. My sister, on the other hand, once told me she prefers low-light photos.


Why Take Photos?

Some people do it to capture memories and record the progression of life.

Some do it for artistic purposes – to share the beauty of the world with others.

What’s your reason?

Feel free to share ideas you have in the comments section below.


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6 Comments on “Wisdom I’ve Gained from Photography

  1. Sometimes I do it for kicks like when I documented the Adventures of Expo. =)

    I just got a powershot for China btw! I’m excited to play around with it! You should come give me a tutorial b/c I hate reading instructions.

  2. I love photography but mostly for artistic purposes. I just think its amazing how photography can tell a story in a single shot, what so many words would be required in order to say. Plus it’s inherent instant beauty is definitely something that keeps me engaged.

    Lovely post 🙂

  3. @Lin: Absolutely. We should set up a time to do that.

    @Aury: I completely agree! I love looking at the pictures that you pick out for your posts because they’re always gorgeous. There’s a certain dream-like quality to all of them.

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